About us

We are a craftsman firm of a wide experience in working with all types of materials. We are experts of all kinds of engraving, modeling and design.

“Being a craftsman is a honorary position for us, it means not to be an industrial apparatuses but human beings with the ‘to-know-how-to-do’, that use their own hands and talent, and they see in the product the realization of a wish, not of an order.”

Ours fundamental objectives are three:

Steel molds

Steel molds

• to create
• to innovate
• to enjoy the job ‘well done’

and three our ways to reach them:

• seriousness
• commitment
• inexhaustible energy, also known as Passion

“There are molds or incisions that require little energy to be born, but when we don’t save ourself the difference is seen and the product from banal becomes explosive! Those things make the difference between the products that will not like anybody, and those that will appeal to everyone!”

In the years the company was able to achieve excellent results thanks to the care which it managed to choose the most suitable materials and constantly renew its machinery for divine results with human prices. We work with trustful last generation machinery.

“Despite the long experience gathered over the years we are a young and dynamic company because we are young and dynamics people. We don’t underestimate the ‘new’ and we assimilate it with amazing results.”

RdP is experience, quality, creativity

and a damned passion for precision.